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Junk Hauling  Lake Elmo

Get rid of your unwanted belongings with help from The Junk Removal Guys!

Clearing out a garage or attic is so time consuming and so meticulous that most of us put it off for months or even years, or never get to it at all. The Junk Removal Guys can help you out when the clutter gets to be too much. Whether it’s a garage piled high with boxes, an apartment vacated by a tenant, an office that needs some serious clearing or, like most of us, you just have a bunch of stuff that you don’t know what to do with, The Junk Removal Guys will take it all off your hands without burning a hole in your wallet.
As experts in junk removal in the Lake Elmo area, The Junk Removal Guys work quickly to clear your junk away as if it were never there, all within your budget.

Heavy clearing, junk removal and hauling can get expensive. Not only does it take serious man power, but it also requires commercial dumpsters, a rental truck or two as well as several trips to a waste facility. Sometimes, certain things such as refrigerators, electronics or hazardous waste require special disposal methods that the average person won’t know about. Why not save yourself the hassle and hire a professional like The Junk Removal Guys?

Junk Hauling  Lake Elmo

Do you have old electronics collecting dust in the closet? The Junk Removal Guys can safely dispose of your old TVs, computers and any other electronic devices. They’ll generously donate any items that can still be of use and get rid of the rest. In addition to electronics and the like, The Junk Removal guys also provide removal services of appliances, carpets, mattresses, tires and cardboard. In addition to removing unwanted junk, The Junk Removal Guys can even remove that old hot tub you never use!

Construction Site Cleanup

After any construction or demolition job is done, there’s often piles of junk that need to be safely and efficiently removed. The Junk Removal Guys will be there when your construction site needs cleanup. In their capable hands, you can trust that your construction site will be ready to go whether you’re erecting a new establishment or simply keeping the site empty, having a clean canvas is always necessary.

Property, Estate and Rental Unit Clearing

Whenever a tenant moves out, it’s important to have a presentable property or apartment unit ready quickly. Often, tenants leave unwanted items or trash behind. Instead of doing the cleanup yourself, let The Junk Removal guys take care of it for you. They’ll haul away all of the previous tenants remaining furniture and appliances with ease. The Junk Removal Guys will even clear away trash and debris left by the prior occupants to ensure a quick turn around.

Storage Unit Clearing

We often accumulate unwanted things that we stick in storage and forget about. With rising storage prices in Lake Elmo, it’s a huge money saver to get rid of your storage unit altogether. Have The Junk Removal Guys clear away all the things you don’t want or need with a complete clearing of your unit. They’ll remove everything from inside your storage that you no longer have a need for and add some change back into your monthly budget. Eliminate an extra monthly payment and use The Junk Removal Guys to get it done today!

For anything from appliances to apartment clearing, The Junk Removal Guys are your number one choice in the Lake Elmo area. They offer fantastic service at an affordable price and work quickly to ensure your satisfaction. Call The Junk Removal Guys to book your appointment or use their convenient instant quote generator down below. The Junk Removal Guys offer speedy turnaround times and will be at your door, ready to work before you know it! You’ll be relieved of your clutter, and glad you called!

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